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100W Integrated Solar LED Street Light
100W Integrated Solar LED Street Light
100W Integrated Solar LED Street Light
100W Integrated Solar LED Street Light
100W Integrated Solar LED Street Light
100W Integrated Solar LED Street Light Details:
Brief Description:
- Light Source:Bridgelux
- Item Type:Street lights, Garden lights
- Mounting Height:9-11 meters
- Light Space:LED
- Lumen(LM):10000-11000LM
- Application:gardens, streets, roads, community, parks, parking etc.
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The Main Parameters:

1. Material: Alumium

2. Solar: Efficiency Monocrystalline silicon USA imported Sunpower solar 18V 130W

3. LED: 12v 100w High Brightness Bridgelux

4. Lumens: 10000-11000LM

5. Battery: Lithium Battery 12V 64AH

6. Mounting Height: 9-11m

7. Discharge Time: 7 Rainy days

8. Working Temperature: -30℃~+60℃ 

9. Charge Time: 7hrs 

10.Sensor: Infrared motion sensor & light sensor

Packing Information:

1. Product Size: 1570*460*45mm

2. N.W/G.W: 22kg /23kg                                                                                                                       3. Carton Size: 1650*530*120mm 

4. Qty/Carton: 1Set/carton                                                                                                                   5. Packing Volume: 0.10cbm

6. Packing weight: 26kg                                                                                                                       7. 20'GP container: 280 sets

8. 40'GP container: 580 sets    

LED highway lightsLED highway lights

Solar Panel

We use Germany Solarword efficiency mono crystalline silicon solar panel & United States brand Sunpower efficiency mono crystalline silicon solar panel. The photoelectric conversion efficiency can reach 20% and 22%. Lifespan of the solar panel is  25 years.



The controller is developed by our engineering team. We also have applied the patent successfully already. The conversion efficiency of our controller  is 95%, while the average efficiency of other controllers are only 60% -70% for the whole market. Lifespan of our controller is 10 years

Lithium Battery

We use the lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) which is environmentally friendly. It is inside the product to avoid being stolen. Its lifespan is more than 5 years.

LED Chips

United States brand Bridgelux 45ML is used for our solar street light, and  the lumen of each led chip is 150LM. Its lifespan more than 10 years.

LED highway lights projects

Email: joffie@lednorthtime.com

WhatsApp:  +86-135 7052 1800

Skype: joffie_zhu        

Tel: +86-020 2806 9556

Add: 5th-6th Floor, Building B of Kecheng Building, No. 121 of Science Avenue, Luogang District,Guangzhou City

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